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Holding an art charity thing!


Hi guys, I’m on hiatus right now for drawing fanart but I’ve decided I’ll have an exception.

I’ve never wanted to make commissions out of my sherlock fanart because they’re doodles and I don’t actually think they’re worth much money but right now they’ll have to do

micthemicrophone is incredibly close to losing his home, he and his dad are working their asses off but it’s barely keeping them up. I’ve already donated $100 but that’s definitely not enough.

So now I’m offering to draw any fanart or animated gifs if you donate ANY sum of money to him! The donate button is on his blog, and anything helps, even a couple cents.

Just send me a message saying you’ve donated x amount of money to him, plus your request and I’ll do it ASAP within 24 hours.

BONUS: Donate more than $20 and I’ll draw you (yes you, send me a desc or pic or ref ahaha), plus a complementary surprise pic/gif depending on what I think you’d like from looking at your blog quq


(PS if you’re unable to donate then I would still appreciate it wholeheartedly if you just took the time to reblog this quq [as a text post not a normal post])