Lyn. 18 yr old treehugging Chinese Canadian
born in Shantou
raised in Toronto
presently in San Fran

periodically might draw sherlock fanart
fanart art blog redbubble selfies and stuff faq


i’m gonna regret this BUT WHATEVER LOL

anyone who reblogs this before April 1st 11pm EST will get a chibi gijinka of your blog in your ask box

for those who don’t know, gijinka = a human form of something not human

here’s a gijinka of my blog (check out my blog to see similarities lolol)


rules to get one:
-don’t have to be following me, but followers get priority on the url list ahaha c;
-reblog before April 1st 11pm EST
-have your askbox open

now I’ve been in my share of giveaways like this where I received nothing, so to make sure everyone gets one, if you haven’t received one by April 5th 10th, tell me and I’ll get it to you ASAP