Lyn. 18 yr old treehugging Chinese Canadian
born in Shantou
raised in Toronto
presently in San Fran

This is my fandom fanart blog c:

Sherlock [Johnlock, Mystrade, MorMor]
Skyfall [00Q]
Hannibal [Hannigram]

Catfish [MaxNev]
Cabin Pressure [Douglas/Martin]
Avengers [Superhusbands]
fanart selfies and stuff faq


i’m gonna regret this BUT WHATEVER LOL

anyone who reblogs this before April 1st 11pm EST will get a chibi gijinka of your blog in your ask box

for those who don’t know, gijinka = a human form of something not human

here’s a gijinka of my blog (check out my blog to see similarities lolol)


rules to get one:
-don’t have to be following me, but followers get priority on the url list ahaha c;
-reblog before April 1st 11pm EST
-have your askbox open

now I’ve been in my share of giveaways like this where I received nothing, so to make sure everyone gets one, if you haven’t received one by April 5th 10th, tell me and I’ll get it to you ASAP